im a boy

I'm a boy

I’m a boy.

Photography with sound

As the airplane moves higher, we, the viewer, can only trace a shadow of our regular context of existence below; from our internet connection to placement in society and culture, and are left with nothing but our subjective memory thereof.
The term 'boy' has long been evoking a reminiscence of childhood and its associated purity. It reminds us of a time when our agendas were simpler, our days savoured and gives the notion of simplicity, playfulness, imagination, creativity and dreaming - all attributes which one’s mind tends to collectively overshadow due to the busy lives we are leading today.
Hereby the mismatch between the sonic recall ‘I’m a boy’ and the artist’s actual voice questions who is the real ‘I’; illustrating an interpretational pluralism of being, accentuated by her female gender and Japanese accent.
We may take a moment to reconsider the relevance of our lives' placement in society and its value; harnessing the photographic stillness to possibly even savour a moment beyond self- definition.