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Confidences Trop Intimes 2

I haven’t told my dad
For fear of drawing him into worry I can’t speak till the fear subsides...
My last five years a flash of light
A fear as old as an ancient fossil
And as new as the morning.
I want a new life, devoid of darkness, filled with light

But I haven’t told my dad.
I wanted to be Anna... Another person
Perhaps I can’t accept this
But I yearn for a new life.
A piece of my mind is missing
Time to turn another page
But the pages before remain the same

Confidences Trop Intimes 3

His stare frightens me… licking my eyes and face, running moisture on my cheeks.

His look violates my skin; touches every curve.

His eyes taste my ear and follow to my neck.

I am silenced,
His eyes shackle to my lips.
I scream silently.

The still mobilizes once again
Prolonging my occupation

Your eyes are looking at me…looking at me…

The memory of him is all over me…
The conquest of his caress.
He affects me. I am affected.
Now you are reaching for me…reaching for me.

Your eyes terrify me…licking my eyes and face.

肌を這い、幾度も 幾度も



幾度も 幾度も

幾度も 幾度も

切り込む指が 淵を焦がす





幾度も 幾度も

幾度も 幾度も

被れる舌が 千を訪れる



Confidences Trop Intimes 4

He was everywhere in my home
When I thought he had gone, he reappeared.
When I had built the walls of my inner fortress
They crumbled easily and his scent silently scaled them

His love is as real and as absent
As the apple of his memory
As the cleanliness of his occupation

His industrial apple invades me, pervades me
As thick as the weight of fear

Nature’s imitation is suffocation
The smell of suffering and tears.

Confidences Trop Intimes 5

響かず 届かず 糸も落とさず

編まれた貝 一本の糸も落とさず


届かず 糸も落とさず 針も落とさず

乾いた貝 語らず 埋まらず


Confidences Trop Intimes 6

Screaming silently
An abyss next to me

Feigning truth
An intimate video booth

Loving simulation
Tears of imitation

Dressing the protagonist
A caress for the antagonist

Loving the neighbor
A dutiful favor

Abandoning responsibility
Love conceals antipathy

Articulating baneful smile
An attempt the pumpkin to beguile

Grasping tighter my attention
A fatal grip on my affection

Confidences Trop Intimes 7


さらさら 時流れ
言葉 別れ 届かず
枯れ 逝く
去り 逝く 部屋


消え 逝く


さらさら 時流れ
言葉 別れ 届かず
枯れ 逝く

きらきら きらきら きらきら きらきら

Confidences Trop Intimes 9

Sea and sun fall to each other,
Cooling life meets warming mother.
Orange drips and blues contain,
The color of unspoken pain.

The space where live the sun and earth The textile of decision's birth
Textures of the sun I'm holding
Waves upon the sea unfolding

Confidences Trop Intimes 10

Silken waves set me adrift, With sands of time through which to sift.
A wave of memory brings its lift,
But once again sets me adrift.

The herbalists of quiver
To the dune press her.

At full moon night,
The dove left, the love adrift
To the turbulent harbor.

Confidences Trop Intimes 12

A silent wondering gesture,
The question endlessly pressed her.
The desire could but fester,
As dilemma began to test her.

Light and dark, a single spark Dark and light, a single slight
Dim and bright, a mental fight
Bright and dim, to abandon him
More was what she begged for

Confidences Trop Intimes 13

More was what she begged for
A core was all she bore For her thought was all she wore
Her core alone and poor

Gravity sits upon a table
An old decision made from fable
Upon her lips the universe
And there awaits an ancient curse

Confidences Trop Intimes 14

As green becomes aridity
And contemplates stupidity

Reaching for the clarity
Of what is simply parody

The spirit’s own fragility
A lesson in futility.

Confidences Trop Intimes 15

Desperate grasp against mobility
Finds unyielding her stability

Flesh on stone to cease the notion
Of despair in constant motion

Confidences Trop Intimes 16

She was all he wanted,
Him was who she taunted.
She was who he flaunted,
Him forever haunted.

He is perfectly aware of her love of the poetic.
The first time he laid eye on her, he could nearly taste it in the air, as he flickered around her.
The fullness of her lips hid behind them the beautiful deception of poetry.
Gentle curves that speak the crimson of thorny roses
mask the venom behind the faintest smile.
He is drawn and dizzied and must beg her the question,
"With what are those lips ablaze lie fiery embers filled?"
She answers him dangerously,
"With your lies..."
And laughs.

A snake lies on the earth distorted
A thing of beauty he retorted

Seeing clearly though abstracted
Upon his vision clearly acted

Behind a bending glass disguise
A creature better to despise