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installation at Ayano Hattori: Intimate Strangers at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2013

Confidences Trop Intimes (Intimate Strangers)

HD video with sound

Playing the role of the woman in Intimate Strangers (the title in English), the artist speaks out the fear, anger, grief, anxiety, resentment and pain of her traumatic experience of being stalked. The voyeuristic and seductive imaginaries move viewers to the position where they are in complicit with their desire of observing a female body, and manipulate them into the psychological dichotomy of being both objectifying and objectified through the effects of the audio-visual medium. Her poetic narratives lyrically criticize the objectification of women.

With video assuming a central role in this work, she addresses the issue of authentic experience in mediated actions and post-performance documentation manipulation. The documentation of performance art is considered as an autonomous or discrete form.

Intimate Strangers is often exhibited as an installation mimicking urban voyeuristic environments such as architectural openness and the intimacy of individualized monitors. Acrylic or glass panels, mobile devices with or without privacy filters, vibration speakers and LCD screens are often used.

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