4 short videos

video still, Wind and Rain (2014)

The town of Kawamata is a part of the vast area that is slated for decontamination of radioactive materials from the soil to reduce radiological levels to inhabitable. No matter what is tried,
Wind and Rain blow the materials away. The banal landscape of rural Japan with tranquil birdsong makes the serious outfit of the men in hazmat suits almost humorous. The town in Fukushima is located 40 km northwest of the TEPCO Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, where radiation exposure exceeds 20 mSv/y.

video still, Dead End (2014)

The artist’s car runs tsunami-affected coastline of Prefectural Route 260 in the city of Minami-Soma in Fukushima. We see, from her car window, things smoothly bypass: plants have grown back; the coastline has been rebuilt; the workers have gone back to the factories, and even the beautiful sunshine of spring sparkles. An unexpected ending awaits the viewers. -The Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act limits public entrance. The road is closed at the point of 20 km from the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi NPP. A
Dead End problematizes the country’s nuclear future.

video still, A Seabird (2014)

A fish market building heavily damaged by the tsunami is about to be pulled down. It is the city of Shiogama in Miyagi, which was once a paradise for sushi lovers and is now quiet. Tourism and agricultural industries including fishing in the region have been critically affected by the crisis. Against a bleak wind, a small creature stands still in front of the damage,
A Seabird. A few others fly over it ...as they did before everything happened.

video still, Shore (2015)

The fierce sound of a piercing wind with the clashing sound of waves, the dim reflection of light on the water, the miserable surviving trees, and the torn-out objects that once belonged to someone. It is a still, yet emotionally charged landscape. Gentle waves wash over the
Shore and creep between the cracks of the breakwaters. Stones are shaped round. The coastal area in the city of Minami-Souma in Fukushima is no longer what it was before, the memory of liveliness. There wasn't anyone except a few who solely visited to seek their memories.

All the information is true as the date of shooting. Wind and Rain, 2012. Dead End, 2014. A Seabird, 2012. and Shore, 2012.